Bring the fun of the seaside to your event.



Whether you prefer to call it candyfloss, cotton candy or even fairy floss we can serve this delicious treat on sticks or in bags depending on the preference and type of event. Everyone always smiles when they see our candyfloss machines.


Our Candyfloss Machines

We currently stock two different options of professional candyfloss machines, a freestanding unit, and table machine. Both our machines are professional catering standard capable of producing an astonishing 180 fresh candyfloss per hour.

Flossing Options

We can produce our candyfloss in a range of flavours starting with the classic favourite vanilla pink floss. We are also able to offer many other colours and flavours to suit your event or theme and our staff are always on hand to serve your guests.

The Small Print

Requirements - 13a 240v electrical supply required

All Candyfloss Machines have a 22” Bowl

Freestanding Machine - 36” x 22” (h x w)

Tabletop Machine - 22” x 22” (h x w)