What is better on a lovely sunny day than a nice whippy ice cream with a chocolate flake?

Happy Feet 2 - Film Premiere

Happy Feet 2 - Film Premiere

Capigiani Ice Cream Machine

Capigiani Ice Cream Machine

Ice Cream Options

Capable of producing a creamy 250 soft whippy ice creams an hour, we can ensure that no one misses out when the ice creams are delivered.

We can provide serving options including single cornets, double cornets, tubs and screwball cups complete with bubblegum and of course we understand that a ‘99’ is never truly complete without the addition of that crumbly chocolate flake.

Extra Options

We can supply toppings for your ice creams including Sauces, Flakes, Sprinkles and even a Pic ‘n’ Mix Sweet Station to create your own ice cream sundae.

Serving Options

The Carpigiani ice cream machine can operate from the box it is transported in, we dress the box to make it more aesthetically appealing and we can also supply our mock ice cream van serving station to fully complete the experience.

The Small Print

Requirements - 13a 240v electrical supply

* Please note the machine weighs 100kg when empty