Candyfloss & Popcorn on our double serving station

Candyfloss & Popcorn on our double serving station

Giant Popcorn Box Serving Station

Giant Popcorn Box Serving Station

The perfect accompaniment to any fun food machine is a wonderful Candypop serving station.

Candypop Serving Stations

To accompany our range of catering grade professional fun food machines we have invested in creative candy striped serving stations, a mock ice cream van and a giant popcorn box. All of our serving stations are finished to the highest quality and have all been specially designed for our machines and hand built. They feature a wonderful candy striped coloured scheme which looks fantastic at any event.

Our latest addition is the mock ice cream van which has been finished in a classic cream and pink colour scheme, includes realistic front and rear lights and a serving window. Why not also book our amazing freestanding 3ft ‘99’ whippy ice cream.

Serving Options

We can create bespoke packages to suit any event and incorporate our serving stations and decorations into these packages.

With our twin machine serving station you could opt for two candyfloss machines or popcorn machines or a mix of the two. Why not offer your guests or delegates an ice cold slush drink next to hot fresh popcorn or delicious whippy ice cream or maybe pic-n-mix sweets stand.

With so many machine combinations and serving stations to create the perfect fun food solution for any event.

why not drop us a line or give us a call and have a chat with the team.

The Small Print

Please remember to allow space behind the serving stations for the staff

Please note that serving stations may not be suitable for all venues or locations.