Hot fresh popcorn is not just for the movies, it can be a real crowd pleaser at any event.


Hot Fresh Popcorn

When organising your next corporate event or product launch why not consider providing your guests and delegates with a delicious warm welcome with a bag of fresh popcorn.

Whilst many find it hard to believe popcorn can be good for you, we use a whole grain which contains energy whilst being naturally low in fat and calories.

In addition Candypop popcorn contains no additives or preservatives as its cooked fresh in vegetable or sunflower oil so suitable for vegetarians and Vegans.


Machine Options

We currently stock two commercial food grade stainless steel popcorn machines 8oz and 16oz. Or Book our most popular machine the 8oz red carnival with a matching cart for added effect.

Our professional machines are capable of producing delicious fresh popcorn throughout your event and the smell will have everybody lining up to get a bag.

The Small Print

Requirements - 13a 240v electrical supply

* Matching carnival cart also available